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Services in the Village of Empress

Those of us who live in tiny remote communities are always grateful for services available in our communities.  Most of the following are local businesses, but a few are from surrounding towns.

Installing Empress gas sign

Need Fuel?

Lucky you...we sell gas and diesel!!!  If you're desperate give us a call at 403-565-0009.

Open 7 am  - 9 pm seven days a week.

If you're traveling on Highway 41 there's a cardlock in Acadia Valley a half hour north of the Empress turn-off.  If you're south of the South Saskatchewan River I think there's a pay-at-the-pump outlet behind one of the stores in Burstall Saskatchewan. I think the machine only takes a charge card but I may be wrong about that.

graphic of a mechanic

Need a Mechanic?

It really is your lucky day...there's a mechanic in Empress.  Mike Prosser is a bit of a night owl so don't expect him to get out of bed before 10am. . . but give him a call at 403-565-2084 or on his cell 403-664-1115.

He does most of the work on my family's vehicles so I can personally vouch for his honesty and ability.

Mike isn't prepared to replace your transmission or give you a new motor and he may be handicapped by not having instant access to obscure parts...but he'll do his best for you.

Photo of a small truck overloaded with a bigger pick-up truck in its box

Need a Tow Truck?

You've got a couple of options:

If you have an AMA membership, give them a call and they'll dispatch a truck from Oyen, Alberta.  There's only one truck and one driver so even if it's a nice summer day and not a winter blizzard you may have to wait until he can make his way down the highway to wherever you are.

Plan B is to call Dennis Weiss at 403-664-8230.  Denis has a large flat deck truck, too, but towing isn't his prime occupation so you may or may not have luck getting him to come to the rescue.

If you're desperate give us a call at 403-565-0009.  We can't give you a tow, but if the weather is bitterly cold we'll try to get you off the highway to a warm place where you can wait for your car to catch up with you.

Photo of groceries available in the art gallery

 "Corner" Store Groceries

This is it...the Empress Corner Store...two bookshelves at one end of the art gallery, two refrigerators and three freezers!

We have milk, eggs, cheese, margarine, lunch meats, hamburger, canned fruit and veggies, juice, flour, sugar, salt and whatever else it is you might need to finish your baking or your Sunday dinner.

It doesn't look like much, but it's seldom that we can't supply what's missing...even sambal oleek.

Hair Cuts by Rita

Rita Hegg drives in from a neighbouring village to cut hair in the Seniors Friendship Centre every Friday at 10:00am.  The ladies of the town leave looking as beautiful as ever and the menfolk are happy because Rita was trained as a barber.

Although it isn't strictly necessary, it's best to call for an appointment rather than risk a long wait on your arrival.

Phone 403-972-2203

Coffee Break Restaurant

Full service diner in the arena.  Phone 403-565-2555 for hours of operation.

Elderly couple out walking

The Friendship Centre

Currently Covid restrictions have not allowed for activities at the Centre but when things get back to normal these are the regular activities:

A meeting place for seniors and their friends.

Games and Card playing Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Potluck Suppers on the second Monday of the month.  Bring your goodies a few minutes early so that folks can be sitting down by 6:00.

Sing-a-Long Sundays are usually held every second week from 7:00 to 9:00 pm if the organizers aren’t seeding, harvesting or repairing equipment.  Phone Rachel Booker for details 403-664-5164.

Homecare nurse taking patient's blood pressure


Homecare services are available in the community.  Call 403-565-3795.

If you're in town for any reason...check out our current events!