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A Costume Jewelry Pearl Necklace

Queen Elizabeth wearing her favourite pearls.

Today's costume jewelry pearl necklace has graduated to the big time.

A string of pearls . . . whether faux, freshwater, cultured or the real thing . . . has always been the "go to" piece of jewelry to add class to a business suit, panache to a party dress or a subtle nod at propriety atop a Sunday frock.

Those delicate baubles from the sea have always paid tribute to the true "Ladies Who Lunched."

But, my dear, these aren't your grandmother's pearls!

Today's pearls have moved from the tried and true work horses of the jewelry box to the trendy and street style embellishments we can't live without.

How Did the Pearl Necklace Hit the Big Time?

Faux gold coloured pearl necklace

The pearls got bigger of course!

The world of women's fashion jewelry has moved into larger-than-life statement necklaces.   To keep up with the trend to big and bold, the designers who fabricate costume jewelry from faux pearls had to ask their suppliers to produce bigger baubles...an option unavailable to the folks who work with the real stuff.

But unlike many of the trendy bib style chunky necklaces that lie flat on the chest and don't move about, the new pearls are strung so they become a cloud of wiggly bits . . . very feminine and so romantic.

When to Wear a Costume Jewelry Pearl Necklace

In the dark ages of my youth I didn't wear my cheap imitation pearls with my everyday garb.  The single strand . . . with matching button earrings . .. was only hauled out of the dancing ballerina jewelry box to adorn a Sunday dress or my pink mohair sweater on school dance nights.

I think I was repressed.

Today's young ladies get to wear a costume jewelry pearl necklace anywhere and with anything in their closet!

Pearls at the Office

A collage of women who are wearing pearls in business suits.

The rule used to be that flashy jewelry didn't belong in the office . . . but the world axis has shifted.

Go ahead and wear your big chunky pearl necklace but forego the dangly earrings.  Wear plain gold posts and keep the rest of your outfit simple.  You won't go wrong by topping things off with a tailored jacket in a solid colour.

On casual Friday try wearing a simple tee tucked inside a knee length skirt or tailored trousers.  Or let your pearls peak out from under the collar of a shirt tucked in and anchored with a wide leather belt.  The leather and the pearls will make a nice contrast.

Pearls on the Street

A chunky pearl necklace can be worn casually with anything in your wardrobe.

There are no rules about how you should wear your new pearl necklace on the street.  Not a single one.  Nada.

Use your imagination and do what you want.

It will be perfect.

So that's it.  You just completed your first course on Costume Jewelry - The Pearl Necklace and you passed with flying colours.

Have fun.

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Pearls not your thing?  How about a big, bold chunky necklace?