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Unique Affordable Gifts

Collage of decorative gifts

Folks drive miles for the great selection of unique affordable gifts at That's Empressive...a very unusual pit stop deep in the Alberta Badlands.

Miles from anywhere, with no retail neighbors and limited walk-by traffic, you'd think it would be impossible for a gallery and gift shop  such as ours to keep the doors open. But people make a special effort to find us.  They've heard from their friends and neighbours that we're the go-to gallery when visiting the Canadian Badlands.

Sure, we're the centre of the universe when it comes to providing unique affordable gifts in this barren land but we have more than that to offer the adventurous traveler. The experience of sitting down with the quirky locals who might have dropped by for a cup of coffee, a pot of tea and some interesting chatter makes the effort even more rewarding. 

You can plan a visit to our brick and mortar store or will soon be able to visit our new online shopping boutique...(I'm working on it as you read this!)

Carry on to see what we have to offer.

Elegant Costume Jewelry

A collage of jewelry.

Statement necklaces are a big trend nowadays and they probably aren't going away anytime soon.

We have chunky costume jewelry ... collar styles to wear with your favorite chambray shirt or tee,  colorful enameled bib designs that can be paired with a vintage look for something more posh or punky or elegant choker necklaces in bright or pastel colours.

Bracelets, too, are big, bold and beautiful.  Not easy to find in your average mall, our selection is huge.

And for those who prefer a less bulky look we have a few opera length chains, drop pendants and lariats.

Scarf Accessories

Scarf jewelry - heart an elephant pendants.

Scarf jewelry is the new fashion accessory that allows you to bring a little extra flair to  your wardrobe...and for under $25 it makes an affordable gift, too.

The rings, slides and pendants can be used alone or in various creative and versatile combinations.  Wear scarf accessories on a heavier textured scarf at the office and then slip it onto a shimmering gossamer scarf if you plan an evening's entertainment.

Home Accents and Decor

A collage of home decor items

Choose a life less ordinary and at the same time add a little character to your home with one or two decorative accents...pillows perhaps, a selection of bright candle holders or maybe a small table ornament.

This year we've added some big, bold,beautiful clocks that will give a punch of color to what might have been an ordinary wall.

If you're looking for a unique creative gift at an affordable price check out our funky art prints that sell for less than $20.

Unique Affordable Gifts with a Western Theme

Cowboys line dancing, drinking beer

We live in farm and ranch country so of course we carry a selection of western themed gifts.

Shur-Shot-Shotgun-Shell dip mix, for example!

If your house is missing a little cowboy ambiance check out our large wall plaques or plan on tucking a new ranch inspired pillow into the corner of your sofa.

Canadian Ceramic Pottery

A collage of handmade Canadian pottery.

Collecting handmade Canadian pottery is a wonderful introduction to a fine art collection...it's decorative, it's useful and it's affordable...the very definition of a unique affordable gift.

When you bring handmade pottery into your home it adds a touch of "special" to your table. The artisan who crafted it with enthusiasm and sincerity spent years developing the skills needed to create each distinctive piece.

First Nations Art

A Nokomis painting of old women knitting.

The gallery is home to the Ojibwa artist Nokomis who paints memories of growing up in the bush north of Lake Superior almost 80 years ago.

She paints memories of a time of her life when living "off the land" was the norm.  Her father was a hunter and trapper who sold furs to The Hudson Bay Company.  Her Mom kept the home fires burning and taught her children to tan hides, sew, cook and all the other skills needed to survive in the bush without the benefit of a social safety net.

"My work is narrative," she says, "and I always know what has happened before and after what you can see on the canvas.  Each painting is a story."

Nokomis originals are available in the gallery as are limited edition prints and note cards of her imagery as well as other First Nations artists...and they would be truly unique affordable gifts!

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