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Home Accessories and Decor

A collection of hoe accessories and decor items.

In the area of home accessories and decor my gallery has evolved much like my life. 

Given that my educational path was diverse and my career path influenced by curiosity, happenstance, fortune and misfortune, it's only reasonable that I live among an eclectic collection of art, some unusual home accessories, a few traditional gewgaws, odd bits of animal, vegetable and mineral remains and miscellaneous interesting "stuff".

Home sweet home.

And such is my work environment ... artfully displayed collections of really interesting "stuff".

First time visitors are surprised to find such unusual home accessories and decor concepts in a tiny remote village deep in the Canadian Badlands.

They usually find some little thing to take home to add to their own collections.

When I shop for products for the gallery I choose things simply because I like them for one reason or another.  Maybe it's the whimsy, the colour combinations, the humour or an appreciation of the skill and artistic vision that went into the making . . . or maybe it's "just because".

I hope you'll find something that tickles your fancy, lights up your life, brings joy to your heart or just answers the question "What am I going to buy my mother for Christmas?"

Home Accessories and Decor Gone Wild

Home accessories and decor selection of wall clocks.

Unless you're a retailer you probably haven't been able to get into the wholesale gift shows in North America and Europe.  They are an eye opener!

The first time I attended the Atlanta Gift Show I was shocked to discover that thousands of permanent vendors are spread throughout two high-rise buildings and a six story structure that itself covers half a city block.  The temporary vendors .. . those who rent space just for the duration of the show . . . display their wares in other cavernous halls the size of football fields.

There's so many great products available and the designers and artists just keep adding to the inventory.

Sooooo hard to make buying decisions!

Take the clocks for example.

I love them all.

So, of course, I buy lots.  But if you're in the market for a wall clock today . .. don't delay.  Because I like the looks of a multitude of artfully arranged timepieces on the gallery wall I most often buy just one of each.

You snooze, you lose, in other words.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch . . .

I live in cowboy country so western home accessories and decor items are also part of out product line.

That can turn out to be lamps with a distinctive farmyard flair or candles with broncos or round-up imagery molded to the sides.  Western themed frames have been popular because they make such an appropriate way to display a photo of grandpa on his horse or a snapshot of the old homestead as it once was.

I've been trying to track down an artist who uses old baling and barbed wire to make western themed wall art.  Anyone know who he is and how I might get in touch?