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Funky Earrings

If its funky earrings you're looking for we've got you covered!

But you have to act fast because it's often a case of you snooze you loose.

That's because some of our artsy suppliers like to do short runs and then move on to something else.

Another reason is that because I live in a tiny village, far, far from the beaten path, it doesn't make economic sense to buy in large quantities when the local market is so relatively small.

If you see something you like . . . grab it.

Funky Earrings for the Fanciful Fashionista

For someone who's gone through eight decades without even having her ears pierced you'd think I'd be the last person to source out funky earrings.

Not so.  I'm good at it.  Who knew?

I think it comes from always being the kind of person best described as being a square peg in a round hole.  My family was very conservative, quite happy to follow a traditional path through life.  I sauntered happily down the road less traveled always curious, always looking forward to what might happen next.

My mother despaired.  "Why, oh why don't you want to work at Eatons with Auntie Lil?  You'll get a pension!"

I should have told her it was because SOMEBODY had to find the earrings for the fashionistas!

So...define funky

I actually looked this up in the dictionary.

I had a couple of requests for cool earrings and I told the young ladies that I'd be sure to bring in some interesting styles when I returned from my next buying trip.

Although I thought I knew what they were getting at it seemed best to check out the definition of the word.

Funky - an adjective

  1. Having and offensive odour
  2. Having an unsophisticated style especially in relation to gospel or blues music
  3. Odd, quaint in appearance or feeling

Third time lucky...wouldn't want to be selling stinky earrings.

So it seems that the world is full of earrings that fall into the category of odd or quaint in appearance.

I knew the fake screw earrings were a winner as soon as I saw them.  The girls will love them and there mothers will be happy they aren't having their noses pierced!

But I've since come up with my own definition of funky earrings.

They're simply earrings that my mother and Auntie Lil would never have worn.

You can shop for funky earrings here.